Short Biography

João Carlos Verde is a physical geographer, Ph.D, with a dissertation on Wildfire Susceptibility Modelling in Mainland Portugal, and a researcher on the field of risk modelling at the RISKam research group (Environmental Hazard and Risk Assessment and Management) of the University of Lisbon.
He is currently an advisor at the Portuguese Agency for Wildfire Integrated Management. He has also worked as an advisor at the Special Unit for Portuguese Wildfire Management System, which was created by the Portuguese Government late 2017 after a very severe fire campaign. His previous working experience includes several years at the Portuguese National Authority for Civil Protection during which he took on tasks such as advisor at the national command for relief operations or delegate to the ProCiv working party of the Council of the European Union. He has also worked for the Portuguese National Forest Authority as liaison with Civil Protection.
João Carlos Verde has training under the Union Civil Protection Mechanism Training Programme.