João Carlos Verde has a Ph.D in Physical Geography at the University of Lisbon, with a thesis on Wildfire Susceptibility Modelling, after a degree in Geography and Regional Planning and research on hazard and risk. He worked for the National Forest Authority during which time he coordinated a programme for risk management and statistics processing, while also acting as a liaison officer at the National Command for Relief Operations of the National Authority for Civil Protection, where he later worked as a National Operations Assistant. After Civil Protection, he held an advisory position at the Special Unit for Portuguese Wildfire Management System.

He also worked on project management for the technical proposal of the National Plan against Wildfires.

He is a researcher with the RISKam research group (Environmental Hazard and Risk Assessment and Management) at the University of Lisbon.

He has experience in team coordination, spatial modelling, geographic information systems and IT solutions for relational databases on client/server environments. He also has a keen interest in writing and photography.

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Ph.D in Physical Geography
2010-2015, University of Lisbon
Dissertation on Wildfire Susceptibility Modelling in Mainland Portugal

MSc in Physical Geography, Risks and Environmental Resources
2005-2009, University of Lisbon
Thesis on Wildfire Hazard Assessment and Modelling in Mainland Portugal

Degree in Geography and Regional Planning, Physical Geography branch
1997-2001, University of Lisbon

European Civil Protection Mechanism Courses
2010 – Community Mechanism Induction Course, Italy
2010 – Operational Management Course, Sweden
2012 – Assessment Mission Course, Cyprus
2012 – High Level Coordination Course, The Netherlands

National Authority for Civil Protection
2013 – Portuguese Army Lessons Learned Training Course



Agency for Integrated Wildfire Management

2019 – Present
Advisor for Integrated Policy Management

Special Unit for Portuguese Wildfire Management System

2017 – 2018

National Authority for Civil Protection

2015 – 2017
National Directorate for Civil Protection Resources

2014 – 2015
Physical Geographer, Working Group on Geographic Information Systems

2013 – 2014
Head of Planning, Operations and Informations Unit at the National Command for Relief Operations

2009 – 2013
National Operations Assistant at the National Command for Relief Operations, awarded with the Civil Protection and Relief Medal of Merit.

The Civil Protection and Relief Medal of Merit is awarded to people or organizations standing out by their actions on protecting people and assets, on a preventive or operative level, under conditions of risk, solidarity and cooperation with authorities for coordination of relief resources.

Invited Professor

2016 – Present
Instituto de Geografia e Ordenamento do Território, University of Lisbon, Master’s Course in Geography

Instituto Superior de Educação e Ciências, Degree in Civil Protection Engineering, Geographical Information Systems

Instituto Superior de Línguas e Administração – ISLA Santarém, Post Graduation on Wildfires.

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